Our Volunteers

Our group is run entirely of volunteers who have a passion for babywearing and want to share their skills with others. Some are educators, some are operation volunteers who help all our parts run smoothly . Both jobs are equally needed to provide accessible education to our community.

Samantha Reddy, Founder and Babywearing Educator


Sam is a babywearing trained through the Center For Babywearing Studies (completed foundations and progressions training) and the former Babywearing International (almost earned Master Babywearing Educator).  She offer private classes and consults through her business Reddy Babywearing Services. She also run Vegan Babymama, a blog and Youtube tutorials featuring babywearing, nature parenting, and vegan recipes.  She has been personally wearing her two sons since 2014.

Lindsay Erickson,  Doula and Babywearing Educator

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Lindsay loves babies! She is a babywearing educator and has taught babywearing classes for almost 7 years. She has been babywearing for 15 years and has helped hundreds of moms discover the benefits of babywearing. Lindsay believes that babywearing can help things like colic, baby blues and breastfeeding success.