Kangaroo Care: 4th Trimester Babywearing

When you baby joins your family Earth side, they only need a few things to survive.  Food, warmth, and love.  However, to truly thrive they need something even more basic: you.  They have no idea how to be a human, down to some of the most basic bodily functions like warming themselves, digestion, and soothing themselves. You can teach them all this by simply holding them. This is kangaroo care. ANYONE can facilitate kangaroo care—-mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, babysitters, and even aunties and uncles!  Here are some links with vital information on how to take snuggles from basic love to a tool to help baby thrive.

The Cleveland Clinic: Kangaroo Care

The New York Times: Human Incubator

March Of Dimes: Kangaroo Care

Fit Pregnancy: 9 Benefits of Kangaroo Care

Kelly Mom: Kangaroo Care Study

Creative Nursing: Potential Benefits of Babywearing

Hold Me Close: Encouraging Essential Mother/Baby Physical Contact

If you have any questions, please do hesitate to contact us! Several of our educators are trained and knowledgeable in kangaroo care. They are happy to answer questions. We even off a Newborn Carrier Class that goes over kangaroo care basics as well!

Enjoy your newborn snuggles, they feel wonderful and have amazing benefits for both of you!

Don’t forget to show us your kangaroo care with #WPDXBabywearing on Instagram and Facebook!

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